A big thank you to all of our supporters. We tripled our goal on Kickstarter. Now comes the fun part...

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We create pedal-powered machines. 

In addition to designing custom machines for farmers, educators and homesteaders, we have two stock products, the Big Rig and the Pedal Genny.

With an efficiency of 97%, bicycle technology is nearly perfect. So why do we use it only for transportation?

Bicycle technology can and should be used for many everyday tasks. Using your own power rather than plugging into the grid is not only fun, but also helps you understand your energy use and reduce your ecological footprint.

There are a billion bicycles in the world today -- nearly one in every home. One day, we hope to see every household charging phones, processing food, and pumping water with pedal power.

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Our Big Rig is designed for off-grid applications and features a work surface, ergonomic seat for comfort, quick adjustments for different riders, a flywheel to smooth pedaling, a wide range of gearing, and an all-steel, hand-built frame. An average adult can use it to generate 100 watts of electricity, pump 5 gallons of water per minute, grind a variety of grains, as well as operate an air compressor, a hydraulic pump, most any hand-cranked machine, and a variety of small shop tools. It has been found to be particularly suitable for small scale agricultural applications such as cracking grains, churning butter, and pumping water.

The Pedal Genny was developed as a more portable, single function machine. It has an optional seat, but no work surface. It features a flywheel to smooth pedaling, full-size cranks, and an all-steel, hand-built frame. It has been used for generating electricity, milling grain and pumping water, but can be configured to power most any mechanical device requiring less than 1 horsepower.


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